CPT Promo Shot Ultra Low ResWritten by Jeff Scott & Alister MacQuarrie
Original music by Patrick Sale

Camden People’s Theatre, London

22nd – 26th July 2014

“If you could go, anywhere on this map, where would it be?”

Clara’s job is tough. Really tough. Spending this much of your life dealing with the worst of human nature cannot be good for anyone.

For her daughter Holly life should be simpler. All she wants is fun and freedom. Her world has no danger – just a mother who won’t let go.

Worn down and under siege, Clara doesn’t have the energy for Holly. But if she won’t listen, then it’s only a matter of time before Holly turns elsewhere, and does something she can never undo.

Pivot Theatre’s debut production is a fast-paced, filmic exploration of trust. Bitingly funny, and dark as it is light, the play tackles how online life both personifies and anonymises. As a newly digitised generation matures, Gulf asks why we can’t talk precisely when we need to.

Cast: Evangeline Beaven, Elliot Hall, Victoria Hamblen-Cartagena, Ronald Nsubuga, Caroline Ward

Produced by Emily Hubert

Rehearsal and Production Photos